15 July 2018 (Sunday)

(1300-1800h) CVCT Asia Workshop

The CVCT Asia Workshop brings together a highly selected, by invitation only, top faculty involved in the science of cardiovascular clinical trials, with a unique mix of backgrounds: academia, research organizations, and industry R&D. The ethos of the meeting is to allow ample time for discussion. Speakers/discussants serve mainly to prompt lively panel discussion. The emphasis is on interaction among experts with as little lecturing as possible.

Chairpersons/ Facilitators: Vlado Perkovic (Australia), Carolyn Lam, (Singapore), Faiez Zannad (France), Bertram Pitt (USA), Yee Leong Teoh (Singapore)

TOPICS TO BE DISCUSSED (Invited speakers subject to confirmation):

1300-13.30 Clinical trials in Asia Pacific: Where are we & what does the future hold?

Speaker: Vlado Perkovic, George Institute, Australia (10 mins)


Yee Leong Teoh, Singapore Clinical Research Institute (5 mins)

Say Beng Tan, SingHealth, Singapore (5 mins)

1330-1400 Changing landscape of healthcare in Asia: What are payer priorities?

Speaker: Jeremy Lim, Oliver Wyman, Singapore (10 mins)


Hsien-Hsien Lei, Medtronic (5 mins)

Patrick Tan, Singapore (5 mins)

1400-1430 Device trials: What makes industry choose Asia & how can we improve?

Speaker: Ken Stein, Boston Scientific (10 mins)


Hsien-Hsien Lei, Medtronic (5 mins)

David Kaye, Australia (5 mins)

14.30-1500 Drug trials: What makes industry choose Asia & how can we improve?

Speaker: Lothar Roessig, Bayer (10 mins)


XingLi Wang, Novartis (5 mins)

Ru San Tan, Singapore (5 mins)

1500-15.30 Registry & big data approaches in CV trials: Are we there yet?

Speaker:  Goh Su Yen, Singapore (10 mins)


Terrance Chua, Singapore (5 mins)

Peter Fenici, US (5 mins)

1530-1545 Break

1545-1615 Digital technology in clinical trials: Where are we?

Speaker: Frank Kramer, Bayer (10 mins)


Faiez Zannad, France (5 mins)

Ken Stein, Boston Scientific (5 mins)


Subject to final faculty acceptance

Brooke Allocco (Boston Scientific)

Inder Anand (India)

Ryan Andal (Philippines)

Andrea Ballagi (O’Link)

Josep Comin-Colet (Spain)

Mark Chan (Singapore)

Calvin Chin (Singapore)

Chi Keong Ching (Singapore)

Myeong-Chan Cho (Korea)

Hyun-Jai Cho (Korea)

Jung Hyun Choi (Korea)

Terrance Chua (Singapore)

Wook-Jin Chung (Korea)

Wolfram Döhner (Germany)

Frank Eisenhaber (Singapore)

Peter Fenici (AstraZeneca)

Barry Greenberg (US)

Suk Keun Hong (South Korea)

Martin Huelsmann (UK)

Charlie Hung (Taiwan)

Zanariah Hussein (Malaysia)

Tijana Krnjeta Janicijevic (Roche)

David Kaye (Australia)

Florence Keime-Guibert (Servier)

Yong Hyun Kim (South Korea)

Koichiro Kinugawa (Japan)

Goh Su Yen (Singapore)

Frank Kramer (Bayer)

Carolyn Lam (Singapore)

Ju-Hee Lee (Korea)

Hae-Young Lee (Korea)

Houng Bang Liew (Malaysia)

Jeremy Lim (Singapore)

Toon-Wei Lim (Singapore)

Lee Fong Ling (Singapore)

Adrian Low (Singapore)

Iain Macdougall (UK)

Athanasios Manolis (Greece)

Alexandre Mebazaa (France)

Robert Mentz (US)

Ajay Naik (India)

Daisaku Nakatani (Japan)

Torbjorn Omland (Norway)

Vlado Perkovic (Australia)

Marisa Petersen (Australia)

Bertram Pitt (US)

Dorairaj Prabhakaran (India)

Lothar Roessig (Bayer)

Yves Rosenberg (US)

Yasuhiko Sakata (Japan)

Afshin Salsali (Boehringer Ingelheim)

J.P.S Sawhney (India)

Kaori Shinagawa (Japan)

Cheerag Shirodaria (Covance)

Mi-Seung Shin (Korea)

David Sim (Singapore)

Stuart Spencer (UK)

Kenneth Stein (Boston Scientific)

Tavintharan Subramaniam (Singapore)

Filip Surmont (AstraZeneca)

Chi Tze Tan (Roche)

Say Beng Tan (Singapore)

Ru San Tan (Singapore)

Patrick Tan (Singapore)

Yee Leong Teoh (Singapore)

Jasper Tromp (Netherlands)

Peter van der Meer (Netherlands)

Adriaan Voors (Netherlands)

Xingli Wang (Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation)

Irma Wang (Roche)

Christopher Kurtz (Amgen)

Robert White (Medtronic)

Raymond Wong (Singapore)

Lijing Yan (China)

Faiez Zannad (France)