Welcome to the third edition of CVCT Asia! We are proud to have the Fondazione Internazione Menarini as the sponsor for the 2018 cardiovascular clinical trialists forum.




Carolyn Lam (Singapore)

Faiez Zannad (France)

Bertram Pitt (US)


Day 1

1800  Welcome reception

Day 2

0800-0815  Opening Address

0815-1030  Cardiovascular disease in Asia Pacific

1030-1100  Coffee break

1100-1300  Heart failure trials

1300-1400  Lunch

1400-1545  Biomarkers & Devices

1545-1600  Coffee break

1600-1730  Precision Medicine

1900  Networking dinner 

Day 3

0900-1030  Optimizing clinical trials in Asia Pacific

1030-1100  Coffee break

1100-1200  Wrap-up & discussion

1200-1400  Lunch



Alessandro Casini, MD

Giuseppe Caracciolo, MD, PhD



Chairpersons: Faiez Zannad (France), Bertram Pitt (US), Lijing Yan (China), Carolyn Lam (Singapore)

 This opening session serves to describe the epidemiology of cardiovascular disease in Asia Pacific, highlight the unique Asian phenotype of disease, and point out gaps in knowledge as well as unmet needs that should urgently be addressed in cardiovascular clinical trials. Large ongoing registries in Asia will be showcased, offering opportunity for collaboration. Questions to be discussed include: Are regional differences related to differences in health care systems and medical practices or due to true ethnic differences? Do Asian patients really need lower doses than Western patients? How may existing registries be upgraded so as to host registry-nested randomized trials?

 Hyperlipidemia: Genes versus diet

Asian perspective: Tavintharan Subramaniam (Singapore)

Global perspective: Kausik Ray (UK)

Diabetes: Lean versus obese diabetic

Asian perspective: Dorairaj Prabhakaran (India)

Global perspective: Mikhail Kosiborod (US)

Coronary artery disease: Micro- versus macro-vascular ischemia

Asian perspective: Mark Chan (Singapore)

Global perspective: Athanasios Manolis (Greece)

 Heart Failure: Preserved versus reduced ejection fraction

Asian perspective: Carolyn Lam (Singapore)

Global perspective: Adriaan Voors (Netherlands)

 Panelist Discussion



Chairpersons: Paul Armstrong (Canada), Dirk van Veldhusin (Netherlands), Myeong-Chan Cho (Korea), David Sim (Singapore)

 Recent large heart failure drug trials have changed the landscape of heart failure management and provided valuable insights into trial design. In particular, the potential geographic differences in patient populations worldwide have been highlighted. The applicability of trial findings in the diverse settings across Asia therefore deserves discussion. Heart failure trials such as RELAX-ASIA and SOCRATES demonstrate the current trend to focus on or involve Asia in combined global trial efforts, in both early and late phases of drug development. The insights gained from such efforts will be discussed.


Invited Speaker: Barry Greenberg (US)

Invited Discussant for Asian perspective: Myeong-Chan Cho (Korea)

Invited Speaker: Paul Armstrong (Canada)

Invited Discussant for Asian perspective: David Sim (Singapore)


Invited Speaker: Faiez Zannad (France)

Invited Discussant for Asian perspective: Ru San Tan (Singapore)


Invited Speaker: Dirk van Veldhusin (Netherlands)

Invited Discussant for Asian perspective: Carolyn Lam (Singapore)

 Panelist Discussion



Chairpersons: Martin Huelsmann (UK), Brooke Allocco (US), Toon-Wei Lim (Singapore), Chi Keong Ching (Singapore)

 Device-based interventions are well accepted in international guidelines but remain under-used in Asia. Important geographic and/or ethnic differences may contribute to different practices across Asia. The utility of remote monitoring will be discussed, particularly within the context of Asia.

 PONTIAC I & II: Biomarker-guided therapy in diabetes?

Invited Speaker: Martin Huelsmann (UK)

Invited Discussant for Asian perspective: Carolyn Lam (Singapore)

 MANAGE-HF: What’s new in telemedicine?

Invited Speaker: Ken Stein (US)

Invited Discussant for Asian perspective: Raymond Wong (Singapore)

 REDUCE-LAP: Device cure for HFpEF?

Invited Speaker: David Kaye (Australia)

Invited Discussant for Asian perspective: Arthur Mark Richards (Singapore)

 VIP-HF: HFpEF-AF vicious twins?

Invited Speaker: Dirk van Veldhusin (Netherlands)

Invited Discussant for Asian perspective: Chi Keong Ching (Singapore)

Panelist Discussion


Chairpersons: Fred Apple (US), Adriaan Voors (Netherlands), Khung Keong Yeo (Singapore), Patrick Tan (Singapore)

The dream of a precision medicine approach in Cardiology is becoming a reality. Wider use of electronic medical records generates big data that are being increasingly used in streamlined prospective clinical trials as well as in registry and observational studies. Results are offered as hypothesis generating or as assessments of effectiveness, occasionally challenging, and hopefully complementing, the results of randomized-controlled clinical trials. This session focuses on ongoing efforts in Asia and worldwide, and aims to discuss the far-reaching potential of this approach.

Biomarkers for risk stratification: Where we are & where we’re heading

Invited Speaker: Fred Apple (US)

PRISM: Precision medicine in Asia

Invited Speaker: Patrick Tan (Singapore)

 ATTRaCT: The Asian model

Invited Speaker: Frank Eisenhaber (Singapore)

BIOSTAT: The European model

Invited Speaker: Adriaan Voors (Netherlands)

Panelist Discussion


Day 3


Chairpersons: Faiez Zannad (France), Bertram Pitt (USA), Carolyn Lam (Singapore)

The optimal way to perform cardiovascular clinical trials in Asia remains elusive. Both academic research organizations (AROs) and contract research organizations (CROs) have been used in successful trials, and the potential for true partnership will be discussed. This closing session aims to integrate perspectives from regulators, clinician investigators, industry partners and research organizations in a final discussion on cardiovascular clinical trials in Asia.

Landscape for clinical trials in Asia

Invited Speaker: Tan Say Beng (Singapore)

 ARO-CRO partnership for clinical trials in Asia

Invited Speaker: Cheerag Shirodaria (UK)

Industry’s perspective of clinical trials in Asia

Invited Speaker: Xingli Wang (US)

 Regulator’s perspective of clinical trials in Asia

Invited Speaker: Kaori Shinagawa (Japan)

Editor’s perspective of clinical trials in Asia

Invited Speaker: Stuart Spencer (UK)

Final Wrap-Up & Panelist Discussion




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